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Green Charter

The Dobwalls Eco Council is made up of representatives from every class from Year 1 to 6 and members of staff. Over the course of the year, we lead campaigns in the school and the wider community to reduce litter, food waste, encourage reuse and recycling and save resources such as water and electricity.


We are proud to have achieved our Eco-Schools Award with Distinction in September 2022.  At Dobwalls, we are committed to looking after our environment and setting the right example for everyone around us.

Eco-Schools is an environmental education programme run internationally by the Foundation for Environmental Education. Keep Britain Tidy run the programme in England; which has the most Eco-Schools in the world. We are proud to have been named as an Eco-School with Distinction!

The award recognised our impact in three key areas:

  • Litter - reducing the amount in school and our local areas.
  • Healthy Living -encouraging regular exercise/movement/well being/time in nature.
  • Waste - recycling and re-using, turning off lights and reducing paper use.

The school have an Eco-Committee member in each class who regularly come up with ideas to make a positive difference now for our future. 

The future is Green at Dobwalls!

As educators, we are committed to teach our young people to be environmentally literate and to develop their knowledge, skills, motivation and confidence to practise and promote sustainability in their community.

As organisations, we are committed to ensure any decisions we make about our working practice take into account the impact on the environment, with the aim of adopting sustainable practices wherever possible.

  1. Collectively declare a climate emergency.
  2. Attend student Eco-Conferences and host these where possible.
  3. Gain Eco-School status within two years, then maintain it thereafter.
  4. Significantly reduce the use of single-use plastic with the aim of becoming ‘plastic free’.
  5. Create a garden, pond, orchard, vegetable plot, bee hive and/or farm on site.
  6. Promote the benefits of eating local produce and/or eating less meat.
  7. Engage with parents & the local community to promote sustainable action in the home.
  8. Engage with another school (nationally or internationally) about action in schools.
  9. Support Cornwall Council’s aim to become carbon neutral by:
    • reducing energy consumption by at least 10%
    • using some form of renewable energy source on site, where possible
    • buying energy from renewable suppliers, where possible
  10. Explore ways to lessen the impact of petrol and diesel vehicles on the environment.

Our student councils are driving forward the Green Charter in our schools.

New from September 2022 - Litterbug bags!  Each class has their own bear who loves to visit children's home and collect litter each week along with their families. 

Lerryn - Recycling Robbie

Fowey - Litter picking Lenny

Loveny - Nature helping Natalie

Valency - Litter picking Lilly

Tamar - Rubbish free Rosie

Lynher - Environmental Eddy

Camel -Eco-warrior Willow