Year Two

Year Two

Please find below links to activities to keep you busy and learning:



  •  Children ideally need to carry out their daily reading ideally for 15-20 minutes with “book talk” time to accompany this. There are lots of different questions to ask to promote discussion and check understanding - please have a look at the VIPERS document on the Reading page of our school website - 
  •  If your child is accessing RWI please use the RWI learning page for ideas.  Please ensure when reading the RWI books you are going over all the sounds at the front of the book, the red and green words, the comprehension questions at the back and the speedy words. The instructions for these sections are all clearly laid out in the books. 



  • Spellings. Each day children can practise their previous spellings from their RWI log books or the green words from their RWI reading books. They could then practise writing accurately 5 of the Year 1 and Year 2 Common Exception Words each day. Any words which are incorrect should be repeated the following day.

  • Children could create a diary for the time in which they aren’t in school. These are unprecedented times so a diary would be a great way of them to record which is happening to reflect upon in months to come. In the diary you could write about what you have done that day and what has been your favourite or worst part and why. Think about your individual writing targets too as you write.
Weekly Updates from Mrs Thomas and Mrs Orchard
Use the activities below to ensure you are still learning at home.  Remember, you also have the half term homework projects to complete. Further information of these are on the class page on this website. Please do email or dojo message class teachers. 
Year 2 week beginning 18th January 2021
All resources and challenges can be found in each daily document, unless a Powerepoint is needed which will be separately labelled.
Year Two Home Learning 11th January 2021
At the beginning of each day there is a document 'Remote Learning' with suggested timetable, additional instructions and information. We suggest you look at this document first.
Below there is a weekly maths and English Powerpoint which works through the learning each day. The follow up challenges can either be found on the Powerpoint for maths or attached challenges found below; the English challenges are on the Powerpoint. 
Oxford Owl Free Reading Books Online
Access a range of super reading books to keep you reading whilst at home... 
Traditional Tales - Reading Comprehension
Useful Web Links:


Writing competition for 5-7 year olds


Science / DT

Free STEM Activity Calendar (12 weeks of At-Home Learning)


Selection of different topics

  •          Also use ‘Pinterest’ to search for ideas on different things you can make and do at home across a wide variety of topics
  • - you can sign up for a free 14 day trial to access a range of resources