Year Five

Year Five 
Home Learning
Try to keep practicing skills on a daily basis.  Little and often.

Possible Daily Activities



Practice Times Times Table Rockstars, write down the times tables, time yourself!

Practice Arithmetic daily

Solve one maths problem or make a maths poster showing how to... For example, how to add and subtract fractions. 


English: spelling, reading and writing

Practice spellings from the statutory lists everyday – play dicey spellings.

Write a diary entry each diary

Read daily


Daily project activity: 

Make leaflets, posters, books, mind maps ...

  • Think about our topics the weather, space
  • Research and write a fact file about a place e.g. Scandinavia, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, 
  • Art – draw a still life picture, draw a self portrait, create a tessellation, draw or paint in the style of a famous artist
  • DT – help an adult with cooking then write instructions, junk modelling, 
Weekly Updates from Miss Mabin
Use the activities below to ensure you are still learning at home.  Remember, you also have the half term homework projects to complete. Further information of these are on the Class page on this website. 
Y5 Home Learning 21st September
Y5 Home Learning 14th September
Spelling Activities
A super website with lots of spelling games:
A range of activities to inspire children to learn about British farming
Extra Activities to choose from:
Useful Web Links
Topmarks Maths Games
Maths Games
A range of games across the curriculum
Y5 Home Learning 28th September