Year Five

Year Five 
Try to keep practicing skills on a daily basis.  Little and often.

Possible Daily Activities



Practice Times Times Table Rockstars, write down the times tables, time yourself!

Practice Arithmetic daily

Solve one maths problem or make a maths poster showing how to... For example, how to add and subtract fractions. 


English: spelling, reading and writing

Practice spellings from the statutory lists everyday – play dicey spellings.

Write a diary entry each diary

Read daily


Daily project activity: 

Make leaflets, posters, books, mind maps ...

  • Think about our topics Ancient Greece, Space, 
  • Research the Vikings and Anglo Saxons 
  • Research and write a fact file about a place e.g. Scandinavia, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, 
  • Art – draw a still life picture, draw a self portrait, create a tessellation, draw or paint in the style of a famous artist
  • DT – help an adult with cooking then write instructions, junk modelling, 
Weekly Updates:
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Spelling Activities
A range of activities to inspire children to learn about British farming
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