Year 6

With Mr Davies, Mrs Lloyd and Miss Ward
 Year 6 China Topic

Happy New Year! This term, Year 6 will be studying the unique and intriguing history of China. We will look at everything from the Great Wall of China through to modern day China and its place in the world.


Over the course of the term, children will learn about some of the fascinating emperors from past dynasties and their lasting legacies. One project will see children investigating the terracotta army before creating their own unique sculpture of a warrior. We will also look at the importance of calligraphy in Chinese culture by creating our own scrolls.


In Science, we will look at healthy living and the circulatory system. We will discuss choices that can lead to a healthy lifestyle and the effect this has on our heart and lungs. This will link to exciting PE projects like choreographing a dynamic gymnastics routine and having our own mini 6 Nations during Tag Rugby sessions.

London Residential 29th October - 2nd November 2018
Day 1 - Arrived safe and sound, although a little late due to the traffic. Stopped off at Air Force Museum before heading on the hostel. 
Day 2 - A great night - everyone asleep by 10:00pm. Up early for breakfast and looking forward to a packed day. Houses of Parliament, Tate Modern and finally the London Eye this evening.
Day 2 - Another good night after a very full day yesterday. But there's no rest...... Up bright and early ready for the Natural History Museum this morning and investigating the Science Museum this afternoon. This evening they will be going to evensong at St Paul's Cathedral.
Day 3 - Another good night! Amazing! They are cramming so much in to their days that they are very tired when they get back to the hostel.
Off to the British Museum today then to the theatre to see Aladdin.