Year 6

With Mr Davies, Mrs Lloyd and Miss Ward

新年好 / 新年好

Happy New Year Class 6

And Welcome To China!


This term we will be learning about China, including its history, art and language. This fascinating country is home to over a billion people and is one of the most powerful countries in the World. It also has a unique heritage.

This is where we will start our learning journey, by studying both the Great Wall of China and the Terracotta Army. Be prepared to be amazed by the size of these ancient monuments and the work that went into their creation.

We’ll them have chance to recreate the Terracotta Army ourselves during art lessons.

In Science, we will look at the wildlife of China, especially the Giant Panda. This adorable animal has adapted to thrive in its mountainous habitat. Yet now it is highly endangered. What can we learn from its plight?

We will continue to read a variety of texts in our whole class reading. This term, you will have a choice of what we read for our class texts and how your chosen book will help improve our writing. Will you choose a funny book, a mystery or maybe one linked to our China?


Autumn Term Review


What an Autumn term we had! The highlight was undoubtedly the residential visit to London, during which we visit the Houses of Parliament, went on the London Eye and visited a whole host of museums and galleries. This inspired us to look at politics in our local area. We then had a visit from the parish council who talked about their role and how we can help shape the future of Dobwalls.


Another highlight was the visit of Eloise Williams. We loved reading her book Gaslight and were lucky that she could spend a whole day with us sharing her experiences as an author. Her creative writing sessions really helped improve everyone’s writing. The stories you have written have blown everyone away!



London Residential 31st October - 3rd November 2017
Day 1 - Arrived safe and sound, although a little late due to the traffic. Then straight off to the Bank of England before attending Evensong at St Paul's Cathedral. Dinner then bed (hopefully) and a good night's sleep (again hopefully)!
Day 2 - Science Museum in the morning, Natural History Museum in the afternoon and then off to the theatre...
Day 3 - Up and about early after a spot of breakfast
Hectic schedule today - off to Parliament in the morning, on to Tate Britain this afternoon and rounding off with a trip on the Eye this evening...