Year 4

With Mr Hodgins and Mrs Mollard

Welcome to Year 4


This term, Class 4 will be travelling back in time and learning all about the Romans. In history, the children will have the opportunity to learn about how and why the Roman Empire conquered countries all around the world and the impact it had on Britain. They will also learn about what the Romans did for us, the tactics of the Roman army and what it was like to live in Roman times. In art and design, the children will have the opportunity to learn about various Roman artists as well as design and make their own mosaic artwork. They will also design and construct their own Roman shields before using this to re-enact the formations used in the army!


In writing, Class 4 will use a narrative text based on the Roman story Romulus and Remus to write an action story with a focus on developing plot, build cohesion between paragraphs and using more complex punctuation. They will also write a non-chronological report about the Romans, using a model text called 'All about the Romans'. In their independent writing, children will choose parts of the Romans topic they have enjoyed the most to construct their final piece with a focus on factual, informative language.


The children will also be set another enquiry learning project this term where they can research and present what they've found out at home about the Romans. At the end of the Spring term, we will be having another pop-up museum to showcase all this fantastic work - date TBC!


With a slight change to the timetable this term, Class 4 will now have PE with Mr Jones every Wednesday mornings, so please don't forget your PE kits!

Wow! Another busy half-term ahead...