Year 3

With Miss Toft and Ms Carter

This half term we will be reading, writing and using play scripts. To do this we will find ourselves entering the world of Mystery and Adventure stories which will give us lots of ideas for our play scripts. This is an opportunity for families to share their favourite adventure series of books that were individual favourites when they were younger. Maybe the series of Secret Seven books or Famous five or Alex Rider were the books that captured your imagination. This half term is the chance to share those memories.


Get ready to encourage den building, password creating and lots and lots of interesting questions as mysteries are explored!

Last term was a busy time.


Our Maths work continues to promote great excitement… especially when water is being used to estimate and work out practical capacity problems.

Each little pot had a different character on the base so conversations featuring animals may have sounded strange but made perfect sense to us! How many cats fill an elephant? What animal is the same as 4 dogs?