Year 1

Welcome to Class 1 with Mrs Hatherley, Mrs Brenson and Miss Beaver

Welcome to the Summer Term in Year 1


The term started with a very successful visit to The Eden Project as we began our first topic of the term “Let’s go to the Rainforest”.


This half term the children will be looking at world maps to identify where the Rainforests are and where Great Britain is. The children will compare the weather in Great Britain to the weather in the Rainforest.  The children will be learning about plants and trees in science as well as making musical instruments that sound like the rain falling.

After half term we have our very exciting topic “Pirate and Mermaids” which will end with a Pirate and Mermaid day when the children will be able to come to school dressed up as a pirate or mermaid.


The staffing for the summer term is as follows:

Every morning Mrs Hatherley, Mrs Brenson and Mrs Beaver

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoon Mrs Hatherley

Monday and Wednesday afternoon Mrs Boulton