Wild Tribe

Wild Tribe has been based on the principles of Forest Schools.  It is about children and young people building self esteem and independence through exploring and experiencing the natural world.
The sessions link in superbly with The Dobwalls Secret Skills:
Handle Risk
Get involved
Identifying Problems
Seeking feedback
Use your imagination
Try something new

The Wild Tribe sessions vary depending on the age of class and weather conditions. Some of the activities are: 

  • Hunting for minibeasts and/or pond dipping
  • Natural crafts – making necklaces from elder, crowns or dreamcatchers from willow, collages from natural materials, weaving with long grasses, tree cookies, etc
  • Fire building and cooking on a campfire
  • Mud sculptures
  • Tree climbing
  • Using tools for a purpose e.g. using a knife to whittle wood to make a marshmallow stick, using a saw to cut wood to the correct size for a stick man.

Look after yourself

Look after each other

Look after the environment 


Wild Tribe is led on a weekly basis by our specialist teacher Mr Jones. 

Happy Diwali
Festival of Light - a super Diwali star created by Year Two during a warm up activity in Wild Tribe. Great teamwork.