School Vision

As a school with a character based ethos of developing children who are enabled to succeed in life we deliver our curriculum through SECRET skills.  We value everyone as a contributor and we celebrate their unique qualities whilst striving to enable every individual to develop portable skills that will stay with them throughout life. We do not just focus on the content that children need to learn but also on how they become more effective learners so that they are better prepared for a lifelong love of learning. Our SECRET skills promote opportunities and experiences that challenge, support and develop the personal talents, abilities and needs of each individual.     


Our experienced staff team are passionate about learning and we believe the best learning happens not just from teachers but from each other; each individual has something valuable to teach another. We encourage everyone to model and promote these learning habits to enthuse the next generation of learners; shifting the responsibility for learning to learn from the teacher to the learner and developing the appetite and ability to seek more knowledge and understanding of the world we live in a variety of different ways. At Dobwalls we believe this will improve your child’s academic success for today and lay the foundations for them to succeed in the future. 


Underpinning our ethos for learning are our high expectations and standards of behaviour. We strive for behavioural excellence from the children in our care and children are expected to care for and support each other throughout the school. Our members of staff - teachers, teaching assistants, school leaders, lunch time staff, governors, office staff and cleaners take time to listen to and support one another; modelling positive relationships throughout the school. All members of our school community are expected to follow our Diamond Rules:


  • Care and respect everyone and everything
  • Follow instructions with thought and care
  • Show good manners at all times.

By following these rules, children are part of a community that is safe, caring and well disciplined. We are committed to creating an environment where children develop a strong sense of what is right and wrong, so that they can contribute successfully to society, far beyond the school gates. We recognise that as a school we are only part of the wider community of people who guide, support and educate a child. Therefore, we pride ourselves on the effective communication and partnerships we have developed as a school that serves the children and families of Dobwalls and the surrounding areas. We are committed to the holistic development of your child and these partnerships are fundamental in helping a child to fully engage in their learning as well as supporting the growth of their personal, social and emotional qualities. We are an example of how a group of different individuals endeavour to create a secure, inspiring environment that is a fun place to be. 


As a fully inclusive school we welcome children and families from all walks of life. Regardless ethnicity, religion or ability, all are equally welcomed and valued. It is our responsibility to identify particular needs and we are dedicated to tailoring an education for them that consists of the best learning experiences. We want to create lifelong memories that instil a passion and excitement for learning so that children arrive in the morning and leave at the end of every day with a smile on their face.