School Council Skip-a-thon

School Council Skip-a-thon - Friday 23rd April
On Friday 23rd April, the whole school took part in a sponsored Skip-a-thon.  This was organised by the School Council's members - Ellis, Eliza, Taylor, Kalan, Jayden, Georgina, Robbie, Lucca, Tilly, Shay and Oliver G.  During in a meeting, they decided they wanted to raise money to buy more playground equipment, so they created a sponsor form and asked all their classmates to collect sponsorship during the Easter holidays.  On the day, the children skipped from 9:15am until our online school assembly at 2:40pm!  It was amazing!
The total raised to date is £2,200!  Ellis, the School Council Chair said, "it was really fun and I enjoyed it, it's mind blowing how much we've raised!"
The Council are now working on plans of how to spend!  What an amazing School Council we have! We are so proud of them!