Maths Week

Maths Week at Dobwalls
Maths week was held in the week of the 7th -12th December. 
On Tuesday 8th December, Jon the Maths Magician visited our school!
Magic Maths has been created to inspire children, both those who find it hard to engage with Maths by giving them a new perspective, new avenues and new ideas to explore, to open doors they never knew were there and at the same time provide new and exciting challenges to those students who enjoy Maths.
Jon demonstrated what a diverse and exciting subject Maths is when you add creativity and a WOW factor and then teaching these principles in a fun, interactive, problem solving group.
Magic Maths used Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Rows and Columns and Prime Numbers among other Mathematical principles to teach students tricks that rely solely on Maths to work, no gimmicks, no special equipment and no Magicians Sleight of Hand, do the Maths and the trick will work.
Children in Year Two to Year enjoyed a 25 minute assembly where he showed three Maths based routines which allow John to introduce himself and show how he uses Maths in his career as a Professional Magician. Year Six had an afternoon workshop to look at two or three tricks and the Maths that make them work.
We can't wait for Jon to come back!
Throughout the week, a focus on playing lots of games to develop
mental arithmetic skills.