Impact and Sustainability 2016/2017

Since September 2016 there has been an increase of over  30% in numbers participating in after school clubs as a result of Oli Jones introducing a variety of clubs such as Mountain Biking, Table tennis (25 children), cross country (26 Children) athletics (38 children), Rounders (26 children), Just Dance (36 children) and Tag rugby. A Paralympic afternoon where children participated in Boccia, handball, blindfold running, volleyball, javelin and other sports supported the British para-Olympics.
Sustainability has been evident in the community club "Playground to 5km" which Mr Jones introduced where Adults ran alongside their children weekly to complete a 5km. Adults and children have continued to be active as a result of that club.
Mr Jones has worked with small groups of disengaged pupils, encouraging resilience and giving their best. Outcomes have been very positive with teachers noticing higher levels of concentration and effort within lessons.
Regular exercise and sport are promoted through monthly sporting challenges where the Yr 6 organise the lunchtime sport activities, and assemblies feature sport achievements.
Staff  had inset delivered by Mr Jones, showing examples of high quality PE and staff and pupils have benefitted from new ideas which can be used in the future.
Observations of lessons happen regularly across all yr groups for instance Orienteering where the year 5 teacher observed a morning which gave ideas for the future. A strong link has been formed with the PE department at Liskeard Community College to encourage and support staff. Classes have focused on active timetables and increasing the level of physical activity within lessons.