Climate Action Day - June

Cornwall Climate Action Day - June 11th
On Friday 11th June, Dobwalls Primary School, took part in Cornwall's Climate Action Day during the G7 visit to Cornwall. 
Throughout the school, a range of exciting activities took place to develop the children's understanding of climate issues both caring for our world locally and the wider world.  The youngest children in Early Years learnt about caring for our planet and looked specifically at seals at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary with Year One learning about koalas.  Year Two read the story 'Duffy' and wrote a song about how damaging plastic can be.  Year Three explored ideas for reducing the carbon footprint on feet!  In Year Four, they spent time talking about the damage of plastic in the oceans and have written poems - attached.  Year Six created a chant to support climate action ideas.  Year Five went for a litter pick around Dobwalls and collected 6 bags in under an hour! 
We awarded Eco-Star certificates in every class.  Amazing work Dobwalls!

Bye bye plastic,

Bottles, straws and elastic,

You are not fantastic,

Cans, bags and plastic pots,

They are not on top,

So make the right decision,

See my vision,


written by Ariel, Year Four


Don’t buy plastic then throw it away, make it into something then it will make the sea creatures day!             

written by Mia, Year Four


                            Horrendous, Terrible

                   Killing, Destroying, Suffocating

                     Please Stop Killing Animals


written by Thomas, Year Four