Children's Mental Health Week

Children's Mental Health Week 
February 1st - 5th 2021
Whether children were in school or learning remotely, everyone took part in a range of different activities to promote mental health and well-being.  At Dobwalls, we had a different theme for each day which were as follows:
Monday - Connect
Tuesday - Get Active
Wednesday - Mindfulness
Thursday - Get Learning
Friday - Give to Others
In Reception, Theo and Freddie have both enjoyed some time connecting with their environment and made a stickman! Bobby has been giving to others by making a card for his neighbour.
In Year Two, as part of our Keep Learning afternoon, we discussed how lifelong learning keeps our brains healthy and although we weren't sewing today we were practising new skills - using elastic bands and tying ribbons. It was tricky! The children had to follow the instructions in our home learning pack and read their new pet a bedtime story. The children in the class had so much fun!
In Year Four as part of get learning, the children developed their drawing skills by drawing a scarab beetle.  Look at the concentration!