Children WOW moments

Look at some of the great things Dobwalls Children have been doing during Covid 19 ...
Jacob EYFS
Jacob has been busy baking scones. He weighed out the ingredients by himself and carefully cut out the shapes.
Harrison EYFS
Harrison made a tally chart of the colour of cars that passed his garden. He then counted the totals and found the most and least popular car colour.
Harrison enjoyed getting creative when he made his butterfly. He decided to make the wings symmetrical just like a real butterfly by printing the wings with paint. Fantastic! 
Henry EYFS
Henry has been experimenting with seeds and vegetable growing as well as doing some brilliant number work with his small toys.
Henry has been working hard on Mathletics and got his bronze certificate! He has also designed an experiment to find out more about magnets - great learning Henry!
Jude made a wonderful garden in a pot with a little house, geranium trees and a swimming pool.  He has planted seeds for a lawn and a flower bed.
Jude has been busy baking with his brother Noah. They made Cornish Fairings and scones.
Barnaby EYFS
Barnaby has been continuing his phonics learning with Read Write Inc on line sessions. He has been practicing his sounds with some writing about his dog. 
Barnaby really enjoyed listening to Mrs Grinsted reading the story 'Where's My Teddy?' He then made a poster for his own teddy (thankfully he wasn't really lost!).
Ava has grown, picked and eaten her own radishes - delicious!
Freddy EYFS
Freddy has made a super train from cardboard tubes.
Noah Y1
Noah has been very busy at home. He has written a poem about lockdown, completed some science with his dad as well as keeping a diary of his time at home. Great work Noah!
Crystal Y1
Crystal has drawn a lovely picture of a parrot.
She has also has been busy writing a super acrostic poem.
Crystal has drawn a picture of the fruit and has found out where it comes from and how many miles it has travelled.
Max Y1
Max has been creative this week and has made a fantastic fun fair with rollercoaster, hot dog stand and a helter skelter.
Lexi Y1
Lexi has learnt to crochet and has finished her first ever project. She wanted to make a blanket for her barbies and is now currently starting off her second project of a bigger blanket. Well done Lexi.
Connie Y1
Connie has been busy dying her hair and planting seeds, they have been 'garden camping', taken many long walks, tie-dying t-shirts, baking and playing lots of football! She has even done some school work in between all that!
Ted Y1
Ted has overcome his fear of the bike and is becoming very confident riding it around... even performing tricks now. He has also dyed his hair, been garden camping, pebble painting, fossil digging and is continuing to enjoy walks in and around Dobwalls.
Bella Y1
Bella has been busy baking cakes and riding her bike.
Archie Y1
Archie has been busy at home focusing on the home learning challenges as well as forest school in the afternoons. 
Tilly Y2
Tilly has been very busy during the last few weeks as she has decided to help the NHS by fund raising. Over the next few weeks she is going to weat fancy dress costumes on her daily walks. Her target was £100 which she reached before her first walk, she is currently at £295 with two weeks to go.
What a fantastic thing to do Tilly - well done from everyone at Dobwalls School!
If you would like to support Tilly, please click on the just giving link...
Tilly Y2
Tilly has been writing some fantastic acrostic poems.

Tilly and her family celebrated VE day.
Daisy Y2
Daisy has been following the year 2 home learning pack and has been creating her own leaflet. Well done Daisy!
Daisy has been busy this week writing an acrostic poem on Cornwall, taking photos and sketching cows and baking Cornish Fairings with her brother. What a super poem and those biscuits look yummy!
Harrison Y2
Harrison has been creating his own Pudding Lane model and learning about the events before and after The Great Fire of London. A super model Harrison!
This week Harrison has been trying out some science experiments and making bookmarks.
Noah Y2
Noah has enjoyed finding out about underwater creatures as part of the learning this week on Plymouth. Well done Noah - a super poster!
Maggie Y2
Maggie and her brother have been busy learning about Plymouth. They created a great air raid shelter and listened to the sound of a siren.
"This week I learned about VE Day. We watched YouTube videos and because me and Henry were really interested we arranged a socially distanced street party. We made bunting and posters for our window, and VE Day medals. We cooked cheese scones and mummy let us measure the ingredients. I didn't like them. At the party we listened to war time songs and me and Henry had lemonade. We had a two minute silence, watched the queen and mummy let us stay up really late so we could sing on the doorstep at 9 o’clock."
This week Maggie and her brother have been making bird feeders and learning about the different types of birds in their garden.
Leo Y2
Leo has been really busy at home - look at all of the things he has been doing!
Leo has been doing the 5 senses scavenger hunt on his walks. He is also doing the 26.2 mile challenge with Mr Jones and has done 9.5 miles so far.
Leo is a budding gardener; he has been growing a sunflower.
Arthur Y2
Arthur has created a video to show his teachers a picture he created from the hedgerows whilst on his daily walk. A great video Arthur!
Billy Y2
Billy has been very busy at home completing lots of school challenges and activities with his parents. Well done Billy!
Joe Y2
Joe has been practising aloud at home. He is growing in confidence and fluency - well done Joe!
Oliver B - Year 3
Yesterday (26.04.20), Oliver walked 50,000 steps in one day to raise money for NHS Charities Together, completing a whopping 400 minutes of exercise in. Oliver has raised £472.00 so far.
A HUGE well done from everyone at Dobwalls School Oliver! What an inspiration!
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Violet Y3
Violet has written a great acrostic poem called 'Lockdown'.
Noah Y3
Noah and Jude have been busy baking as part of the Cornwall topic. They have made Cornish fairings and scones.
Jayden Y4
Jayden has been getting crafty - sewing his own pillow and trying cross stitching. Well done!

Jayden has been doing the 26.2 mile challenge set by Mr Jones and he has made nettle soup following a recipe from Mr Jones.
Isaac W Y4
Isaac has written a great acrostic poem based on Cornwall.
Riley Y4
Riley has written a lovely poem about Cornwall.
Isla Y5
Isla has been researching the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh.  Look at her super painting in his style...Wow!
Harrison Year 5
Look at this amazing volcano cake!  Harrison enjoyed learning about volcanoes. 
Eli Y5 
Here is a photo of Eli with the Viking shield he has made. He has also done some research and written work about the Vikings -  Viking Berserkers.  Amazing Eli!
Luke Y5
Luke has been keeping very busy. Look at all the super things he has been doing...
Oliver Y5
What a fantastic self portrait!  
Charlie Y6
Charlie has followed one of Mr Jones' biscuit recipes. 
Tamsyn Y6
Tamsyn has been busy creating some lovely artwork and models.
Thomas Y6
Thomas has been very busy at home: digging, feeding chickens, gardening and completing some school challenges.
Summer-May Y6
Summer-May completed her writing task last week writing a set of instructions to bake a dessert and had a go at baking it herself - a creme egg cheesecake! She has also been completing her daily arithmetic and White Rose activities.
Well done Summer-May and the cheesecake looks delicious!
Violet Y6
"We're making sure we're going outside every day for exercise- and I even helped my Dad send his mini outside train around his track the other day, choosing the directions.  Also, we've even tried to teach the Alpacas social distancing although it's still working progress!"
Heidi Y6
"I have attached a picture of the Easter brownie and temple I made. I have also attached a picture of my llama birthday cake. This weekend I camped outside for 2 nights for Scouts as we can’t go on a proper camp this year. I cooked tea for everyone on Saturday and cooked marshmallows on the fire pit. I also made a bug hotel, a raft that held 8 cans of baked beans and took part in a Harry Potter escape room."
Reuben in Y4 has been learning life skills in the garden
Sky Y4
Sky wanted to make a cushion for her Gramps. She also wanted to use a bit of ribbon that she’d found so decided to make what she called a “ carry cushion “ she did the majority of it by herself  - pinning, cutting, sewing and even changing the bobbin.  Well done Sky!
Lexi, Y1
Lexi has been making her own bunting which is now proudly hanging in her room.
Leo Y2
Leo has continued to work hard with his home learning this week. He's been practising his homophones, sending a card to a very good friend and doing some super arithmetic and handwriting. What a star!
Jayden Y4
Jayden has completed the Medicspot Hand Wash Challenge, well done Jayden!
Henry EYFS and Maggie Y2
Henry and Maggie loved learning all about India!
Daisy Year 2
Have a look at this super writing!
Maggie Y2
Have a read of Maggie's great book review.
Eli Y5
Eli has worked so hard completing all the home learning activities.  Amazing!
Arthur Y2
Kinetic sand fun, a delicious looking ice cream!
Alfie Y4
Alfie has been walking the coast path: Hannafore to Talland, Rame head to Penlee Point, West Pentire to Holywell Bay.  Well done!
Billy, Y2
A superb timeline of the Stone Age!
Jayden Y4
Look at the brilliant sunflower he has grown!